Why do british people have bad teeth?

Best teeth whitening productI was wondering why do British people have bad teeth? Don’t they know where to buy teeth whitening products? Or is the whole story just a myth?

The only people that think we have bad teeth are Americans who have never actually been over to the UK to see for themselves. I brush my teeth twice a day, floss, regularly go to the dentist, had the standard orthodontic treatment as a teenager, pretty much everything the average American does and my teeth are therefore as good as the average American’s. And please ignore the silly answer above who says we don’t wash! I can promise you that I shower at least once a day and whilst the cost of living here is higher we haven’t given up washing to save money! But most British people just aren’t as obsessed with their personal hygiene as Americans. British don’t bathe or take care of their hygiene as often as most Americans. Everything over there is basically more expensive, so they simply cannot afford to cleanse daily like we can. I have often wondered this myself- I think it may just be their gene pool, or the fact that some people may not be able to afford dentists / orthodontists. It’s a genetic trait and since most people from England are distantly related it’s common for most of them. Lack of dentists?

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